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Curious and always asking questions, Marcia McGuire 9759_xa_flip_x2takes advantage of every opportunity to explore and engage with the world around her – how it connects, its dynamic, its nature. Her unconventional approach has led to often paradoxical experiences that have served to provide her rare inside perspectives. She learned the trade of welding after graduating from an Ivy League, and even got herself a brief gig in a hotrod shop in part to learn more about the industry. On another occasion, with only a handful of hours before a friend’s wedding, she looked up the highest crime neighborhoods of Detroit and went to them, documented what she saw and interviewed residents. After only two years of riding a motorcycle, Marcia rode 23 days solo through the Canadian Rockies and Northwest United States, camped, and used the trip to research, document, and explore the complex reality of the relationships of humans with nature, from recreating in mountains’ glaciers to touring mountain top removal’s open pit coal mines in the same general region. True to the organizational behavior PhD route she began and decided to no longer pursue through traditional academia, Marcia also studies organizations’ approaches, decisions and dynamics, doing both interviews and tours with organizations to understand the complexities and variables of their environment, the processes they engage in, and the thinking and influences behind decisions.


Facilitator  |  Writer  |  Photographer

Marcia McGuire’s writing and photography work explores the depth, breadth and paradox of current social, environmental and organizational issues, and the context in which they are embedded. It investigates, considers and analyzes diverse factors and interactions. It seeks to highlight the tensions at the root of issues, challenge traditional assumptions and approaches, and articulate impact.


Writing + Photography:  Contributor

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